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Life Coach Recertification

  • Online Certification & Practice Exams
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  • New! Unlimited Final Exam Retakes

The Life Coach Certification Institute Program

Are you interested in starting an exciting career as a life coach? Are you already a practicing life coach, in need of recertification services? If yes, if you have come to the right website for all of your certification, and recertification needs. This is because Life Coach Certification Institute (LCCI) offers exceptional life coach certification programs. While our life coach certification course costs $275, our life coach recertification program costs only $175. The many services and products that come with the purchase of either course includes:

  • Unlimited Final Exam Retakes
  • Free Online Study Guide Included
  • Instant Email PDF Certification Card
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Practice Exams Included
  • Instant Grading 24/7
  • Free Certification Verification Services

Choose Life Coach Certification Institute Today

LCCI is here to help with all of your life coach certification needs. No matter whether you need certification for the first time, or recertification services, LCCI can provide the packages solutions that you deserve. We offer both a certification package that costs $275, in addition to our simple recertification package, which costs only $175. All of our courses come with a full range of benefits including study guides and coursework. 

Understanding The Life Coach Certification Institute Method

Life coaches perform a full range of mentoring, counseling, consulting, and advising services for clients in need of assistance. They help their clients address specific business and personal endeavors so that relevant challenges and obstacles to success can be identified. From there, they work with their clients to determine the proper course of action that should be taken to overcome identified obstacles and challenges. Here at LCCI our team of professional life coaches have created a program geared towards providing our clients with the education and knowledge necessary for them to become exceptional life coaches.

Our classes are created by trained and licensed professional life coaches. These professionals have years of experience in the field and have helped create coursework, study guides and exams that directly relate to the common practices of life coaches. This way LCCI has been able to create a comprehensive life coach certification program that provides our students with the information, skills and resources that they deserve. Enroll with LCCI now to gain immediate access to all of the life coach certification services that we can provide. 

The Benefits of Choosing Life Coach Certification Institute

Becoming a life coach is a relatively simple process if you purchase a LCCI Life Coach Certification Package today. Upon registering, you will gain instant access to all of our practice exams and study guides. Because the final exam is untimed, you can take all of the time that you need to complete your testing. Don’t worry if you don’t pass on your first try, because all students can take the final as many times as necessary to pass. From there we  provide instant email certification and verification services so that third parties can receive proof that you are a certified life coach.

Preparing For the Life Coach Certification Exam

Preparing for the lifecoach test is a relatively simple process. All you need is Internet access, along with either a tablet, smartphone, desktop or laptop computer. This is because all of our study guide and exam resources are accessible exclusively online. This way our students don’t have to waste their time attending traditional classes. Instead you can take all the time you need to study for the certification wxam, and study anywhere, including the comfort of your own home. Once you feel prepared to take the certification exam you can sit for the untimed electronic exam, which comes with immediate grading. Once you’ve passed the certification exam you will receive instant certification verification in the form of an electronic certificate. We also provide you with a hard, paper copy of your certification, which is shipped for free.

Our Easy, Three-Step Process

We aim to making the testing process simple with our three-step process.

Your first step should be to register with LCCI, which provides you with instant access to all of our practice exams, study guides and other materials. All of our study materials can be accessed electronically as long as you have Internet access, a tablet, smartphone or computer (desktop or laptop).

The second step is to study for and pass the final exam. You can take as much time as you want to study for the test, and you can even retake your exam as many times as necessary in order to achieve a passing score. We provide instant grading services so that you can know immediately whether or not you have earned your certificate.

The third, and final step is to gain immediate access to your cert upon passing the exam. We offer immediate exam grading services so that you can earn your credentials as quickly as possible. Upon passing the exam you will be emailed an electronic pdf copy of your certification. Get started today by choosing our three-step process to quickly get certified in several hours from your home computer. 

Individual & Group Payment Options

Register today in order to gain immediate access to our training material and exam. You can register completely online, simply by using your debit card or credit card. We also offer group discounts of up to 30% off the original purchase price, for those who would like to purchase multiple courses. Contact us today at in order to learn more about our group discount rate.