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Welcome to the website www.lifecoachcertification.com  (“The Site”) of Life Coach Certification Institute. By using the Site, you (“User”) agree to the following Terms and Conditions (“Site Terms”) of Life Coach Certification Institute, which are as follows:

1)    ELIGIBILITY: User certifies that he or she is either: 18 years of age or older, or if under the age of 18 years old, has obtained parental or guardian permission authorizing User’s Site use.

2)    TERMS OF USE: Authorized use of Site is dependent upon User’s accurate completion of the User Application. User certifies that all contact information and all personal information provided for use of Site is true and accurate. Any and all false, inaccurate and/or misleading information provided to Life Coach Certification Institute represents adequate grounds for immediate removal and disqualification from the Life Coach Certification Institute Program and the Site. Furthermore, User certifies that all materials submitted to Site and Life Coach Certification Institute are the User’s own original materials, and no other party has a valid claim to ownership over such materials. User’s use of Site operates as authorization for Life Coach Certification Institute to verify actual User ownership of any and all materials and/or information submitted to Life Coach Certification Institute and/or the Site.

3)    TERMS OF ENROLLMENT: Acceptance into the Program is based upon review of User submitted applications, essays, test results and other provided materials. User accepts and understands that submission of applications does not guarantee enrollment in the Life Coach Certification Institute Program (“Program”). Those whose applications are denied, or do not qualify, will be notified and provided with information regarding what steps can be taken to gain acceptance. Life Coach Certification Institute reserves the right to revisit denied applications at its own discretion, and can allow User to provide additional information for a secondary application review. Users may request an appeal of a denied application decision, and upon a fair and swift review by a Site principal, a status update will be provided to User upon completion of the appeal process.

4)    TERMS OF CERTIFICATION RECEIPT: User understands that enrollment with Life Coach Certification Institute and Site does not guarantee receipt of a Life Coach Certificate. Life Coach Certification Institute & Site, reserve the right to base certificate issuance only upon a User’s successful completion of all aspects of the relevant Life Coach Certification Institute Program.

5)    USER ACCOUNT & PASSWORD SECURITY: Only registered Users have the right to access and use any of Site’s password-protected areas. User agrees not to disclose User login credentials to any third party, and User is the sole party responsible maintaining the confidentiality of User login in credentials, and is also the sole party responsible for any activity occurring under or through the use of User’s login credentials. Until account deactivation, User is the sole party liable for any authorized or unauthorized Life Coach Certification Institute account activity and/or use.

6)    NO GUARANTEE: User understands that all Site & Life Coach Certification Institute courses, programs and certificates do not guarantee, lead to or satisfy the acceptance and/or successful completion of any local, state or federal safety requirements. Life Coach Certification Institute and Site’s courses, certificates, and programs do not provide User, or any other party with the right to represent oneself as a holder of a Life Coach Certificate from an accredited institution. User hereby acknowledges that use of site is conducted solely for the purposes of personal growth and self-improvement.

7)    DISCLAIMER OF CONTENT: All Site content is provided “As Is”, and Life Coach Certification Institute has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that all Site content is current, accurate and does not infringe upon the rights of others, but does not represent or warrant that such content is not error-free, current or non-infringing. To the fullest extent permitted under law, Life Coach Certification Institute herein expressly disclaims any and all warranties of reliability, completeness, non-infringement, usefulness, currency and accuracy with regards to all Site Content. Furthermore, to the fullest extent permitted under law, Life Coach Certification Institute further expressly disclaims any and all representations and warranties that any and all Site content is genuine, current, accurate, complete, original, useful, reliable and/or provided in good faith.

8)    LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In no event shall Site and/or Life Coach Certification Institute be liable to User, or any other person claiming through User or on User’s own behalf, for any damages or losses of any kind, no matter whether consequential, incidental, direct, indirect, or otherwise, in each case to the extent arising out of or in connection with use of the Site, including User’s participation in site activities and/or or programs, or User’s use of posting of any and all Site content, no matter whether or not any such damages or losses were foreseeable, and no mater whether such losses or damages arise under equity or law, or are based on contract, tort or any other principle or legal theory.

9)    INDEMNIFICATION: User agrees to fully and promptly indemnify and hold harmless Life Coach Certification Institute and its successors and affiliates, and their respective agents, employees and representatives (“Life Coach Certification Institute Parties”) from and against any and all third party proceedings, claims or actions, including for any and all expenses or costs which any such Life Coach Certification Institute parties may incur in connection with or under any related judgment or reward, and in each case to the extent such claims, proceedings or actions arise out of or in connection User’s use of Site, site content or site activities.

 CONSTRUCTION OF SITE TERMS: These Site Terms and Conditions, as well as the Life Coach Certification Institute Privacy Policy, govern all use of the Site and Site Content and shall not be modified, limited, waived, terminated or extended, except with the express written consent of Life Coach Certification Institute. If any Site Term provisions are deemed as unenforceable or void, said provision will be deemed severable from the Site Terms and such remaining terms will remain in full force and effect. The term “including” will be construed to mean ”including but not limited to.”