Our Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Life Coach Certification Institute Website lifecoachcertification.com (“The Site”). By using the Site, you (“User”) agree to the following Privacy Policy (“Policy”) of Life Coach Certification Institute, which is as follows: 

  1. Life Coach Certification Institute through Site collects personal User information, and this Policy outlines how, and in what manner Life Coach Certification Institute manages, collects, shares and uses disclosed personal User information.
  2. By use of Site, and through communications with Life Coach Certification Institute, User hereby accepts and submits to this Policy and the practices described herein.
  3. From time to time Life Coach Certification Institute can and may amend Policy (“Policy Amendment”) as it so chooses and has no obligation to send User any notice of such Policy Amendment. Policy Amendments and any other changes to Site and/or Policy are effective upon ten days following the Policy Amendment and/or other updates or changes to Site.
  4. This Policy anticipates and addresses certain activities and services that are not currently provided by Site and/or Life Coach Certification Institute.
  5. The following personal User information is collected by Life Coach Certification Institute during the registration, enrollment or purchase check-out process: name, email address, physical mailing address, credit card account numbers, telephone numbers, credit card billing addresses names and expiration dates, gender, date of birth, personal preferences/interests, personal and educational history, as well as any User information required to verify proof of identity and/or to customize and personalize the User Site experience. Upon the completion of enrollment with Life Coach Certification Institute and Site, User can no longer be considered “anonymous”.
  6. Life Coach Certification Institute collects any and all personal information disclosed by User via use of Site, and also from communications between User and Life Coach Certification Institute. When Users accesses any Site portion operated by a vendor or affiliate of Life Coach Certification Institute, such affiliates and/or vendor may collect the personal information supplied by User. When the identity of any vendor or affiliate is provided by Site or Life Coach Certification Institute, said vendor or affiliate’s own Privacy Policy, and not this instant Policy, will apply. Users who do not wish for their personal information to be collected by affiliates or vendors should carefully consider whether or not to provide said personal information before submitting such information via the Site.
  7. User information collected by Site and Life Coach Certification Institute is used for the purposes of providing fulfillment of services, personalized Site experiences, notice of special offers and promotions, verification of User identity and other User provided information, and in furtherance of Life Coach Certification Institute’s internal research initiatives. Life Coach Certification Institute retains the right to use User names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and certain preferences as “lead data” that Life Coach Certification Institute reserves the right to transfer or sell to affiliated companies and/or third parties for marketing uses or other purposes to be determined by Life Coach Certification Institute. Furthermore, Life Coach Certification Institute and Site may share any User personal information with its’ vendors and affiliates who provide assistance in furtherance of delivering services to User, Site and or Regan High School.
  8. Life Coach Certification Institute reserves the right to disclose User account information and personal information collected from User to Life Coach Certification Institute affiliated businesses, agents, promotional providers, sponsors, third party merchants, future assignees, purchasers, and transferees of Site and/or Life Coach Certification Institute. Life Coach Certification Institute also reserves the right to disclose User account information and personal information collected from User to and or any other third party when such disclosure is considered necessary to contact, identify or bring legal action against anyone who may be violating this Site’s Policy and/or Terms and Conditions.
  9. Life Coach Certification Institute reserves the right to send Users emails and other communications about Life Coach Certification Institute and Site services and products. Only Life Coach Certification Institute, its employees or agents who are subject to confidentiality agreements will be allowed to send such direct emails and other communications. Users can opt-out of Site and/or Life Coach Certification Institute emails by choosing this option from the Email Preferences of the User Portal.
  10. Currently, Site does not provide User with the ability to update, access or delete User provided personal information. Eventually, Site and Life Coach Certification Institute will provide Users with the ability to do so through the use User login credentials. User should use the site Contact Use Page if they need to change personal information already disclosed to Site and/or Life Coach Certification Institute.
  11. Any User disclosure of personal credit card information is transmitted via Site in an encrypted format that utilizes a standard SSL (secure socket layer) encryption to provide a secure Internet connection with Users. However, Life Coach Certification Institute does not ensure, nor does it warrant the security of any information, including credit card information transmitted by a User. The real time execution, authorization and capturing of credit card purchases are made through Site via the First Data Independent Sales system. All accounting reports of credit cards transactions are managed on a strictly confidential basis.
  12. From time to time, Site and Life Coach Certification Institute may use “cookies” (small data amounts sent to User browsers from the Site web server, and subsequently stored on a User’s computer hard drive) in order to provide personalized and customized services, and to also store and track User data and information. A Site User must authorize the use of cookies on their computer in order to properly use Site. Potential data collected by Site and Life Coach Certification Institute outgoing communications cookies may or may not include personal information provided by User, IP addresses and information regarding User visits to affiliate sites.