About Us

Here at Life Coach Certification Institute (LCCI) our team is committed to providing the highest quality professional services. We understand that the life coach industry is an evolving field, and that’s we provide services that help our customers get in the game. The trained professionals here at LCCI have created a comprehensive life coach certification program geared towards on-the-go professionals. We provide a simple, easy to use electronic training program in order to allow our customers to gain the certification they require, on their own time.

Unlike other life coach certification programs on the web, a team of professional life coaches created our exam and coursework. They have created an easy to use and concise online certification program that is recognized by institutions across the United States. We provide easy to use certification and recertification services in order to assist life coaches in receiving the certifications that they deserve. Choose LCCI to help you take your life coach career to the next level. We offer both life coach certifications for $275, and recertification services for $175.