Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Life Coach Certification Institute?

Answer: Life Coach Certification Institute (LCCI) is a group of talented life coach professionals committed to helping fellow coaches gain certification or recertification. Our team has years of combined experience in teaching, coaching and tutoring life skills. We are committed to strengthening the ever-expanding life coach community, and only employ the very best world-wide leaders in the life coach industry.

Question: How much does the LCCI Exam Program cost?

Answer: The LCCI Certification Program costs only $275, while the LCCI Recertification Program costs only $175.

Question: How do I know whether I should register for the LCCI Certification or Recertification Program?

Answer: Our certification program is the best option for those who are new to the life coach field. No past experience is required. However, our recertification program is the better option for those who have received certification already as a life coach. Many of our recertification customers are those who have already been certified but have allowed their existing certification to lapse or expire. 

Question: What can I do with my LCCI Certificate?

Answer: The sky is the limit with the LCCI Certificate. You can use your LCCI Certificate to gain new employment as an independent life coach, and also with a life coach firm. If you’re already employed as a life coach, you can use your LCCI Certificate to provide proof of recertification, and proof of the fact that you are up to date with your life coach certification. Remember to check in advance with employers in order to ensure that they recognize the LCCI Certificate.

Question: How long will it take for me to pass the LCCI Certification Exam?

Answer: The timeframe varies for completing the LCCI Certification Program. Some students, including those recertifying, only review the study materials quickly and then take and pass the certificate exam. Other students, especially those who are pursuing their life coach certification for the first time, take weeks and even months to study for and pass the certification exam. The important thing is that all students take all of the time they need to study and prepare for the exam. You don’t have to take the exam until you feel ready to do so. Even better is the fact that our certification exam is completely untimed so that you can take the time you need to pass your exam. Furthermore, we provide as many tries as you need so that you can retake and pass the exam, even if you’ve failed it in on previous tries.

Question: Why should I choose Life Coach Certification Institute for my life coach certification?

Answer: LCCI is here to provide a full range of life coach certification services and solutions. Unlike other life coach training programs, our coursework and exams can be completed entirely online. Gone are the days of having to attend stuffy, in-person courses. Instead, you can choose to study for the LCCI Exam on your time, on your own terms. Take weeks, months or even years to pass the LCCI Exam. We make it simple, by catering specifically to on the go professionals who don’t have to attend a traditional classroom setting. All you need is Internet access, a desktop/laptop computer, tablet or smartphone and you can pursue your well-deserved life coach certification today.

Question: What are the different services and benefits that come with enrolling with Life Coach Certification Institute?

Answer: Enrolling with LCCI provides you with full access to the LCCI Program, which comes with the following benefits:

  • Online Exam for Life Coach Certification with Instant Exam Grading
  • Unlimited Free Life Coach Certification Practice Exams
  • Free Unlimited Life Coach Certification Exam Retakes
  • Instant Recertification and Certification Services
  • Life Coach Certification Email Following Completion of Exam
  • Free One-Day Shipping of Life Coach Certificate Card
  • Completely Electronic Life Coach Certification Training
  • 8 Continuing Education Credits for the Certification Program
  • 4 Continuing Education Credits for the Recertification Program

Question: How do I enroll with Life Coach Certification Institute?

Answer: Enrollment with LCCI is simple. Just click on the link [here], in order to submit your payment method. Once processed you will gain immediate access to the LCCI study materials and exam. What are you waiting for? Enroll with Life Coach Certification Institute today.

Question: Do I need any sort of outside training to take the Life Coach Certification Institute Exam?

Answer: Though outside training is helpful, our students are not required to have any proof of past life coaching training. This way new students have the chance to enter the exciting industry of life coaching, without having to provide past credentials.

Question: Does Life Coach Certification Institute provide a discount for group certification?

Answer: Yes, LCCI provides exceptional discounts for those looking to purchase group certification services. In fact you can receive up to a 30% discount for all group purchases. Contact Life Coach Certification Institute at, or use our simple Contact Us form in order to gain access to more information about LCCI’s Group Discount Program.

Question: Does Life Coach Certification Institute provide proof of my life coach certificate?

Answer: Yes, we provide proof in the form of a hard paper copy of your Life Coach Certification Institute Certificate, along with a paper, wallet sized card version of your Certificate for easy, quick access. Furthermore, immediately after passing the LCCI Exam you are provided with email verification of your success, along with an electronic copy of your life coach certificate.

Question: Does Life Coach Certification Institute provide certificate verification services?

Answer: Yes, we can provide proof of your successful completion of the LCCI Exam. In fact, we can send proof of your life coach certification directly to third parties such as employers.