How Our Program Works

Life coaching is an emerging industry geared towards helping people live better lives. Here at Life Coach Certification Institute (LCCI) we provide certification and recertification services for all who need them. We have created an effective and comprehensive life coach certification program that tests our students’ relevant knowledge of a broad range of life coach related issues, terminologies and practices.

Understanding the Life Coach Certification Process

Here at LCCI we make the certification and recertification process as easy as possible. All you need is Internet, and a tablet, computer or smartphone to take advantage of the full range of benefits provided by our life coach certification program. Becoming a certified life coach is easy with our simple three-step process.

Step 1: Register with Life Coach Certification Institute

Registering with LCCI unlocks a full range of benefits. In addition to gaining immediate access to life coach coursework, study guide and exams, you also gain the chance to earn a life coach certificate from a respected institution.

Step 2: Log in to your account to begin the study process.

Once you’ve registered with LCCI and logged into your account, you can take the time to review the relevant study materials. Or if you’re especially confident you can immediately begin to take the life coach certification exam. Take as little or as long as you need to prepare for the exam. Contact our customer support staff in order to present any issues or questions you may have during the study process.

Step 3: Pass the life coach certification exam.

Here at LCCI we want our students to succeed. This is what students are allowed as many tries as is necessary from them to pass the certification exam. Furthermore, our life coach certification exam is untimed, in order to relieve at least some of the stress and pressure associated with exam taking.

Step 4: Immediate life coach certification.

The sky is the limit once you’ve studied hard and passed the certification exam. Immediately upon the instant grading of your life coach certification exam, you will receive email verification of your new life coach certificate. You will be provided with an electronic copy of your certificate, as well as a full sized paper copy, and wallet sized copy. A hard copy version of your certificate will be shipped within one business week of passing the life coach exam.

Choose Life Coach Certification Institute Now

Life Coach Certification Institute (LCCI) is the only company you should trust for any and all life coach certification and recertification services. We can provide a full range of certification solutions for both groups and individuals. Register and enroll with LCCI today.