Custom Twitter Display Widget

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Download and install the Custom Twitter Module for free, in order to embed multiple Tweets onto your website’s webpages.

Our compact, professional looking, single-column embedded timeline Twitter display allows for the easy display of new tweets, linked directly from either a single or multiple Twitter accounts.

The Custom Twitter Module provides a Twitter embedded timeline that has two parts:

  • a Twitter timeline display that pulls Tweets directly from that are subsequently linked directly back to and displayed on the web page of your choosing; AND
  • a JavaScript Twitter Widget that enhances the Twitter timeline link provided by Custom Twitter Module.

Custom Twitter Module can be added to Android, iOS applications, in addition to traditional web pages, in order to provide an informative and up to date Twitter timeline.

Custom Twitter Module Product Specifications

This Twitter joomla extension can be used to add an informative, professional looking Twitter embedded timeline to your web pages. The product specifications for this Custom Twitter Module are as follows:

  • Custom Twitter Timelines: The Custom Twitter Module can be customized through the use of templates that have different display features and styles. Customize your Twitter embedded timeline and utilize the theme and poling customization options.
  • Updated Tweet Display: Use this Custom Twitter Module to display the most current tweets from a single or multiple Twitter accounts. Tweets are displayed from newest to oldest publishing dates.
  • Twitter Follower Button: The Custom Twitter Module contains a Follow Button so that web pages visitors can easily decide to follow your Twitter account without traveling directly to
  • Twitter User List: This Custom Twitter Module pulls the latest Tweets directly from a public list of Twitter accounts, displaying the name of the list and a list description.
  • Twitter Timeline Search: The Custom Twitter Module can be customized to use top Twitter search engine rankings in order to display only the top tweets displayed on Twitter.doc from the past few weeks. Configure the Custom Twitter Module to automatically remove undesirable Tweets from the Twitter timeline display.
  • Twitter Collection Timeline: Use Custom Twitter Module to display Tweets that have been curated by chosen Twitter users.
  • Customizable Twitter Timeline Display: The Custom Twitter Module display can be styled as the designer so chooses in order to naturally integrate the embedded timeline into web page content and design.
  • Secure Twitter oAuth Compatibility: Made with Twitter’s oAuth implementation, the Custom Twitter Module provides enhanced user security by providing Twitter user authentication services without users having to share passwords with third party applications.
  • Twitter Consumer Key Compatibility: Web designers and operators can login into, access the Twitter API Keys tab in order to unlock their Twitter Consumer Key and Twitter Consumer Secret Key so that web page visitors can easily logged into Twitter directly from your site.