Practice Exam

1. It’s important for a coach to have _____to give a client space to express themselves.

2. A client comes into a session with a coach and is telling the coach how excited they are about their new job. But their voice is quiet and sad sounding and their word choice doesn’t sound excited. What should the coach do?

3. Which is an example of an open-ended question?

4. When a client brings in many different issues to the table, the coach should pick the topic that ________________.

5. ________________ type of language should be used with clients.

6. Active listening is ______________.

7. A client comes in and has achieved the goals that were set at the end of the last session. What is the first action of the coach?

8. Which of the following are NOT important in increasing awareness?

9. Coaches should focus on what type of goals?

10. A coach comes home from work and tells their spouse all about how a client came in and is having an affair with his best friend’s wife. What ethical principle has the coach violated?

Grade Exam