Practice Exam

1. A client comes to you who normally feels very positively about his career. He stated that his job is about to change and he is no longer going to be involved in pursuing his passions. The client states that he’s feeling really low and sad but stated that he wishes to talk about his work during today’s session. What’s the best way for you to proceed as the coach?

2. Active listening is ______________.

3. What of the following is NOT a listening technique?

4. A client comes in and has achieved the goals that were set at the end of the last session. What is the first action of the coach?

5. It’s important for clients to utilize ______ in session so that they can get immediate feedback and support.

6. Which of the following is NOT an ethical principle important to coaching?

7. Coaches should focus on what type of goals?

8. In what ways does a client communicate in sessions?

9. Coaches need to help clients explore both their successes and_____?

10. _________________ help clients understand concepts with greater depth and sophistication?

Grade Exam