Practice Exam

1. You should help clients focus on their _______ with questions rather than staying stuck in the past.

2. A coach’s ______________ helps client create coherent interpretations that help clients gain self-awareness.

3. A client shares a story about everything that’s going wrong in her life. The coach reflects that it sounds like she feels frustrated and tired and feels like no one cares about her. What is this an example of?

4. A client comes in with an issue and during the session comes up with several new ideas for how they can approach this issue. What should the coach do?

5. What should a coach focus on more than anything?

6. Which of the following is NOT an expectation of a coach?

7. ________________ type of language should be used with clients.

8. It’s important for clients to utilize ______ in session so that they can get immediate feedback and support.

9. Active listening is ______________.

10. A coach should not be focused on making sure that sessions focus on the client’s issues and not __________.

Grade Exam