Practice Exam

1. What of the following is NOT a listening technique?

2. What is the difference between a coach and psychotherapist?

3. What of the following is NOT one of the main mistakes coaches can make with clients?

4. When the coach recognizes that there is a conflict of interest in the coaching relationship they should _______________.

5. You should help clients focus on their _______ with questions rather than staying stuck in the past.

6. ________________ type of language should be used with clients.

7. A client shares a story about everything that’s going wrong in her life. The coach reflects that it sounds like she feels frustrated and tired and feels like no one cares about her. What is this an example of?

8. What approach is OSKAR related to?

9. It’s important for clients to utilize ______ in session so that they can get immediate feedback and support.

10. When a client brings in many different issues to the table, the coach should pick the topic that ________________.

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