Practice Exam

1. Awareness is important for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

2. Client goals should address areas where they need ___________.

3. A coach states in their marketing materials that they provide every client they’ve ever seen with 100% resolution of all problems in their life. What’s the problem with this statement?

4. A client comes to you who normally feels very positively about his career. He stated that his job is about to change and he is no longer going to be involved in pursuing his passions. The client states that he’s feeling really low and sad but stated that he wishes to talk about his work during today’s session. What’s the best way for you to proceed as the coach?

5. You should help clients focus on their _______ with questions rather than staying stuck in the past.

6. A client comes in with an issue and during the session comes up with several new ideas for how they can approach this issue. What should the coach do?

7. Coaches need to help clients explore both their successes and_____?

8. Why is respect of a client’s perspective important?

9. A coach should _________ a client’s views, beliefs, and perceptions to build trust.

10. It is important for a coach to help clients to find a balance between ___________ and _________.

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