Practice Exam

1. What is the difference between a coach and psychotherapist?

2. A client shares a story about everything that’s going wrong in her life. The coach reflects that it sounds like she feels frustrated and tired and feels like no one cares about her. What is this an example of?

3. Every coaching session should include ______________.

4. Which is an example of an open-ended question?

5. Coaches need to help clients explore both their successes and_____?

6. A coach should _________ a client’s views, beliefs, and perceptions to build trust.

7. Coaches should help client’s identify ways that they can continue ________ throughout life.

8. A client comes into a session with a coach and is telling the coach how excited they are about their new job. But their voice is quiet and sad sounding and their word choice doesn’t sound excited. What should the coach do?

9. It’s important not to get caught up in the “content” of what clients communicate, but instead to focus on what?

10. What aspect of a coach is NOT important in their role as a coach and in life in general?

Grade Exam