Practice Exam

1. What is the difference between a coach and psychotherapist?

2. Why is clear communication so important in sessions with clients?

3. It’s important for clients to utilize ______ in session so that they can get immediate feedback and support.

4. A coach should not be focused on making sure that sessions focus on the client’s issues and not __________.

5. When the coach recognizes that there is a conflict of interest in the coaching relationship they should _______________.

6. When a client brings in many different issues to the table, the coach should pick the topic that ________________.

7. What role should a coach take with a client when setting and prioritizing goals?

8. A client comes in and has achieved the goals that were set at the end of the last session. What is the first action of the coach?

9. You should help clients focus on their _______ with questions rather than staying stuck in the past.

10. It’s important for a coach to have _____to give a client space to express themselves.

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