Practice Exam

1. It is important for a coach to help clients to find a balance between ___________ and _________.

2. It’s important for clients to utilize ______ in session so that they can get immediate feedback and support.

3. ________________ type of language should be used with clients.

4. What aspect of a coach is NOT important in their role as a coach and in life in general?

5. What approach is OSKAR related to?

6. You should help clients focus on their _______ with questions rather than staying stuck in the past.

7. A client comes into a session with a coach and is telling the coach how excited they are about their new job. But their voice is quiet and sad sounding and their word choice doesn’t sound excited. What should the coach do?

8. _________________ help clients understand concepts with greater depth and sophistication?

9. A client comes in and has achieved the goals that were set at the end of the last session. What is the first action of the coach?

10. How should a coach decide on what should be worked on in each session?

Grade Exam